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CNZKING is well equipped to offer our partners a complete package of products.

As a professional industrial pump manufacture,CNZking® offers slurry pump, sand pump,gravel pump and dredging pump. From complete pumps, spare parts and relevant modifications, CNZKING have a variety of customers in different industries such as Mineral processing, Metallurgy, Coal industry, Electric power, Petrochemical industry, Dredging, Stack gas desulfurization, and Environmental protection industry.


Technical Advantages

CNZKING - the smart choice for your pumping solutions!

CNZKING using CAD CAPP CFD to (do Computer Aided Designing, Process Planing, and Fluid Dynamics Analysis) to improve the products quality and technology.  Based on these facilities, CNZKING has the ability to do the Flow Field Analysis, 3D Modeling , Assembly Test, and Stress Analysis. At the same time, CNZKING also has advanced integration capability on machinery production techniques, including modeling, casting, heat treatment, forging,welding,machine tooling, assembling and performance detection. 


Global Sales

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CNZking is engaged to serve global mining, processing, and general industries with trustworthy and reliable pumps, parts, and service.Currently,CNZking pumps are exported to Asia,Europe,South America,Africa...

Pump History

CNZking is your trusted supplier with over 30 years industrial pump experiences.

To today

In the wave of the market economy, CNZKING has carried out self-improvement, become stronger, is still the backbone of China's pump industry, the backbone of force. At present, a large number of famous pump companies, such as the global top ten pump industry, have entered China to invest and set up factories, promoting the progress of China's pump industry, prosperous market, has become part of China's pump manufacturing industry.

From 1998 to 2012

From 1998 to 2012 is the history of China's pump industry, the development of the fastest 15 years, is also a brilliant 15 years. China's pump industry this 15 years of high-speed development shows: private pump company with the formation of China's market economy and the birth of the market economy system with the perfect development, its development is invincible.

The last decade of the 20th century

China's pump enterprises increased rapidly, to 1996 pump industry manufacturers and companies reached 1459, with an annual output of 7,395,800 pumps, sales of 12.034 billion yuan.


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